Monday, July 28, 2008


We got a call from our Home Study Agency last week in reference to our immigration process.  The home study gets forwarded to DHR who approves it and forwards it to the US Immigration office in Atlanta.  Our home study has been complete, or we thought, since April.  This is the third time the agency has requested items again due to them being "misplaced".  DHR has lost some certified copies of documents that they logged in as received, but now cannot find.  The home study agency has also "misplaced" these items.  We are going to hand deliver them to DHR tomorrow.  When all this transpired last week, Dexter was at youth camp for the week and I was at home with the kids, one of whom dislocated his shoulder and is awaiting surgery.  The week was going great; however, this call requesting the information again made me a little aggravated (I guess part of walking through this journey with us is to see we are not perfect and do not respond always the way we should :):)  I just couldn't believe our home study was not in the immigration office.  Well I've had a few days to stew :):) and I have to admit, I definitely reacted and not responded and the only one that was affected was me.  So why do we do that so often.  Everything is going along smoothly and then the wheels fall off and we act surprised.  My response should have been to "bear with them in love" and to stop and ask God "What are you up to in this?"  Well I have that opportunity tomorrow.  I am going to deliver the paperwork to DHR myself and my prayer is that the love I have for my heavenly Father will overflow into the life of someone in that office.  Nothing happens to us that has not been filtered through the hand of God.  He is looking for responders to HIM not reactors to circumstances.