Saturday, December 19, 2009

Counting Down The Weeks!

We received our Letter of Confirmation from China! We were expecting this to arrive at the end of January, but we were so surprised to receive it yesterday! We found out about it 10 minutes before Tony (our oldest) walked across the stage at his college graduation. What a surreal moment for Dexter and I. A few weeks ago I had the thought pass through my mind while cleaning the house that wouldn't it be neat if God surprised us for Christmas with news from China. He knows my thoughts and blessed us with the most incredible gift. So now we sign the letter and overnight it to the agency on Monday. They will send it back to China, and we will have Travel approval within 3-4 weeks. We should be leaving around the 1st of February!!!! I really cannot put into words all that we are feeling. It has been a yearning in my heart for years, confirmed by the Lord a few years ago, a pursuit down 3 different roads, and now it's only a few weeks until Maggie Mae gets to come home to her family. What an incredible gift from the Lord. Once again, His timing is incredible. This last week has been full of Him speaking words of Life, setting me free from chains, and providing for our needs. His ways are higher and I love being reminded of that.
We were planning on doing a few more fund raising events when we thought we were traveling at the end of March. For now we are going to try and have one more yard sale with all the things we still have left. We are still in need of about $9,000. We are by no means worried about this because we have been overwhelmed by His provision through the community this year. We know He will complete what He has started. Please continue to pray for Maggie Mae's health. We have not gotten any updates and probably will not before travel. Our prayer still remains that God will be glorified through her life, whether that is through healing her eyes or through the way she embraces life with a visual impairment. We definitely believe in the miracle of healing and know God can heal her, and we will continue to pray for His will for her life. Have a blessed Christmas season remembering the still, quiet way He came into this world.
Let Earth Receive Her King!