Friday, September 17, 2010

A Change in Seasons

It's Final!  She is ours FOREVER!!!!
Miss Priss on a mission
"I wonder if daddy is looking"
"Huuumm, what does this taste like"
Yes, it's dog poo:(
Yes she is double fisted!
1st day of school and raisin toast!
Puzzle time with daddy!

Every month we see changes in our lives, our hearts, and our sweet Maggie Mae.  Her personality is merging quickly, and she is definitely a funny, funny girl.  We just keep falling more and more in love with her, if that's possible!  She started playschool last week.  She goes to school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Her class has an international flair, with China, Korea and India being represented.  Her low vision does not seem to be holding her back at all.  Yesterday her teachers were so impressed with her on the playground. She went up and down the slide on her own.  She loves play dough, puzzles, and the home living center.  Tuesday, I walked in and one of her teachers was showing her how to iron.   She can sing her ABCs and count to 10.  She is very smart and pays attention to everything.  Her brothers and sisters love getting her to say all kinds of things!  It's amazing what she learns in the car while mommy is in the grocery store:), like "wuz up", "ha ha ha ha, stayin alive, stayin alive", "that's the way uh huh uh huh", oh and the list goes on and on.  She definitely is entertaining to all.  She has been staying at home some with Tony while mom is at work, and he thinks she is the easiest "kid" to take care of.  What an incredible big brother she has, and yes she looooooves Tony.  I think he's pretty fond of her too!  She is the ultimate fan at baseball and football games.  She listens to everything the crowd is shouting and joins right in to cheer on Parker and Camden.  Bath time with Sissy is one of her favorite times of the day.  There is a lot of giggling going on in there.  She is learning to pray, and when you are praying too long she will quickly chime in an "Amen":)

I am continually in awe of all the Lord is doing in our lives.  So much of what I am learning now it to Trust Him and to Be Still.  For those of you that know me, I am a doer, so this is uncharted woods for me.  I think we sometimes mistake being still with doing nothing.  However, that is not the case with the Lord.  I am to be still so I can hear His voice as He guides me to the next step.  If I am so busy trying to do things FOR Him, I miss out on being WITH Him.  Sometimes, I miss that and start plowing through something, but I am learning that it is okay, He is not disappointed in me, and He gets me back on track.  Circumstances both good and bad, come and go in our lives, but one thing is always true, He is in the middle of it all.  We don't like being in the mire and clay or in the wilderness, but that is where He meets us and does foundational work in our hearts.  Walking in His Kingdom is beyond our understanding, but it is an incredible journey!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We had a great time this past week on vacation with Maw Maw and Paw Paw at Lake Martin.  It was so relaxing and the kids all had such a great time.  Maggie Mae really felt comfortable with Maw Maw, especially after that bag of suckers :):):)  I really think she could have had anything she wanted:):):)  She went to Maw Maw and stayed with her for a long time which was a great treat for Mommy.  She loved the "wake" and the boat.  She did great wearing her "wife jacket" too!  She recognized Aunt Cheyenne every time she talked to her.  We really saw her blossom around the family.  Late nights, short naps, and she was always happy.  Such fun memories.
In addition to last week, two weeks ago, she really fell in love with her daddy.  She asks for him all the time, goes to him when she's in my arms, and he loves when she says 'find my daddy".  So between loving her daddy and loving her Maw Maw, mommy feels like she has been on vacation for the past two weeks!
Well, now we are back to reality, Maw Maw is in south Alabama and daddy is in Memphis.  Needless to say, Maggie Mae is bored without so many people to entertain.  We went to the low vision specialist in Birmingham on Monday and were very encouraged.  We have said all along we felt like her vision was improving since we have been home.  The Dr. agreed, and she felt like Maggie Mae would be able to read large print one day.  We really thought she was going to need a lot of special assistance with school, mobility, and just life in general.  We are taking it one day at a time, but are so encouraged that so many people with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia lead fairly normal lives.  Not so sure driving will be in her future, but hey  I guess mommy will just have to buy that convertible to drive her around in:):):)  
Our plan at this point is to learn 4 shapes, and when she masters that, we go back to Birmingham to have her acuity measured.  Then we'll see what the next step is.  
In thinking about what God has been up to, I am focusing a lot lately on my perspective vs. His.  We prayed and believed that God could heal Maggie Mae.  When we picked her up and they told us she  couldn't see anything, I have to admit, I was discouraged.  However, 5 months later, I have seen so much improvement in her sight, that I must acknowledge His work in her life.  My expectation was instant healing, His is a process.  There is so much that Dexter and I are learning about walking through uncharted woods and laying down our expectations and walking in His unconditional love.  It's amazing how He is using this sweet little girl to teach us so much.  I have to admit, at times it has not been fun; however, after laying down my ability to push through things, and allowing His power to work through me, I have to say it is all worth it.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Summer is off to a busy start.  The girls went with Daddy to Perdido Beach Resort for the weekend then to Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house.  Then we loaded up and headed to the lake with the Portis family for the day and had a great time on the boat tubing.  Maggie Mae loved it.  She wanted her "wife jacket on" and to "go for ride boat".  A few weeks ago my brother Todd, his wife Wendy and my niece Kathleen came for their first visit.  Then we were off to the lake to pick up our "new" used boat.  Everyone had such a great time and are so excited about being able to go to the lake and river to fish and ski.  Finally, we just got home from Florence, AL for Parker's State Baseball Tournament.  They finished 4th!!!  Now we are into football practice, going to the pool, and taking the boat out.  Maggie Mae is adjusting well and loves to be on the go.  She stayed home for the first time with big brother Tony while I went to a baseball tournament in Auburn.  He took her yard saling and she did great.  She did however manage to get her not so clean diaper off in the crib and made a huge mess.  Thank goodness mommy was home to help out with that!  She loves her brothers and sister and yes, she loves her daddy.  A few weeks ago she started saying "can't find my mommy, can't find my mommy!", then she would find me and curl up in my arms and say "find mommy".  It was so sweet.  Well this past weekend while Daddy was on the field coaching, she went up to the fence where he was leaning and said "find my daddy".  That made his Father's Day perfect!  
The Lord has been doing a lot in our home, too much to even put into words.  I will say that the comment the Family Therapist said back in February about her knowing whose in control so she doesn't have to be, has come to life in my heart.  So much of my life has been wasted on trying to do everything right to get a perfect outcome.  The Lord awakened me a few weeks ago and gently said "I'm in control so you don't have to be".  A huge weight was lifted, but I feel like I'm learning to walk all over again. Hard to explain the depth of this one, but once again, God is using life with this precious little girl to teach me so much about Him. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Death to LIFE!

So much has happened in the 7 weeks since our last post.  Please forgive us for not posting sooner; however, the hard drive on my computer died and we just got it back.
GOOD NEWS!    Maggie Mae LOVES LOVES LOVES her daddy.  It was the week of Easter, March 29th to be exact, and we had a huge break through.  Dexter came home, and she went to him on her own and played for a while.  From that point on, things just improved daily.  She is now comfortable with both of us and there is a newness of joy in her heart.  You can see it in the smile on her face in her profile picture.
She is talking great and getting around without any difficulties.  We've been to Birmingham several times for doctor's visits and an MRI.  Her confirmed diagnosis is an Underdeveloped Optic Nerve. It is a birth defect.  Her MRI showed a clear brain scan, no tumors, cysts, or evidence of trauma.  We are so thankful for this report.  She did well under anesthesia and recovered without any problems.  She has been to the dentist and does need some dental work; however, we are going to wait a little while for that.
We are working with a vision specialist with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind.  She is an early intervention specialist who will be making home visits to help her get on track developmentally.
She is expected to have 20/200 vision at best, but they do not expect it to get any worse.  Many have asked if there is any treatment.  At this time there is not because this is a nerve issue.  However, we feel the Lord has already shown His power in her life.  Her eyes are not dancing around as much, and she really is quite functional.  We are praising Him for the sight she does have and the plans to prosper her future.
She is very very funny, and she knows it.  She has won the hearts of everyone in our family.  She's quite the charmer with the boys, especially big brother Tony.  She always goes up to him and says "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii".  It's hilarious to hear that southern accent coming out of this tiny Asian child.  She loves to take "baffs" with Sissy, jump on the trampoline with "CoCo" (Camden), and any time "BoBo" (Parker) is around, she wants him to hold her and play with his ipod or cell phone.  Daddy time is always special, I think, because we waited so long for it to happen.  Mommy is able to go get groceries or run errands now while she stays at home and plays.  I can't tell you how much I've been blessed by Tony being home.  Although he is discouraged by not being able to find a job, I really believe this was God's perfect plan for these past few months.  He has been such a huge help to me, serving me in so many ways.  I have come home to clean floors, clean bathrooms, clean dishes,  the fields have been bush hogged, plants watered, and he loves playing with the other kids.  I have to say, having the oldest come home after finishing college has been a great thing for this Mom!
Well, I think I've given you most of the details for the last 7 weeks.  The Lord has been speaking, and his hand has been upon on us.  On Easter Sunday, as Amy and I were watching Maggie Mae run around in church, she said "It's like she has gone from death to Life".  Well what an appropriate week for that to happen.  One of my favorite passages in scripture is Ezekiel 37 and verse 5 says, "This is what the sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life."  This scripture written long ago is very real in our lives today!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's in the center of EVERYTHING!

Having had 2 weeks to just sit back and try to figure out what God is up to, I've come to the conclusion that I don't have a clue and quite possibly never will! :) BUT, the profound thing is, I see him in every detail of every day. Who would have ever thought this tiny little girl with no home, no family, and no consistency in her life would be the one to teach us a thing or two. We logically walk into this whole journey following God and expecting Him to use us to minister to Maggie Mae. Oh, how creative He is to see it differently and use her to cause us to once again surrender our will, our plan, and our perception and simply sit at His feet and seek His face.
Sometimes I think to myself, "How much more do you want me to learn God?", "Is there anything left of myself to strip away?", "Why am I the only one walking through the fire?". Even as I type this, I can't believe I even entertained those thoughts. They are definitely not from the Lord, and they will only cause me to stumble if I don't recognize them as a trap from my enemy. His purpose and plan will prevail. I will be perfected in HIM! He will purify my heart as a silversmith his silver until the only reflection is HIM!
So you might be wondering what are these LIFE lessons I am learning. I emphasize LIFE because He takes what is dead and breathes LIFE into it and teaches us to walk in the newness of LIFE. Some things are easy to explain, while others are not. Most importantly I am constantly reminded that this is not about me! When I look at Maggie Mae and think about her life thus far: abandoned at 6 months on the side of the road, put in an orphanage, placed in foster care, brought back to the orphanage, picked up by English speaking Americans and brought to a foreign land, I can't imagine what is going on in her mind. We had time to prepare for her, to begin to love her, to make plans for her, but she had none of that so she doesn't know how to receive all that we want to give her. Does this sound a little like what our Heavenly Father has done for us? He has known us since before we were born, has loved us, and has a plan for us, but we don't really know Him, and He definitely doesn't speak our language. Therefore, we don't know how to receive all that He has for us. So, like Maggie Mae, we look for what makes us feel safe and secure, cling to it, and don't want anymore change. Every time Dexter tries to love her and comfort her and she turns away and screams, I think of how God loves me and wants to comfort me, but I don't want to let go of what is safe and secure. It breaks my heart to see her reject her daddy, but even more I think "Can I be breaking the heart of God when I reject Him?" So change is something I enter into kicking and screaming, but when I encounter Him, I can't help but be changed forever.
Submission to His authority and His plan is not something we do naturally. It is a choice we must make daily. Which brings me to our appointment with the Family Therapist at the International Adoption Clinic in Birmingham last week. She and I were talking about what to do when Maggie Mae is doing something she doesn't need to be doing. Discipline is a touchy subject right now obviously, but in reality, she is a two year old, and we will encounter situations that need to be addressed. So, my question was about how to say no and begin to establish authority. I believe we all are in desperate need of boundaries and as my pastor says, "The Kingdom of God runs on the rails of authority." Authority is a GOOD thing and so is submission. So this is what the Family Therapist's response was, "She has to know who is in control so she doesn't have to be.". WOW, I think I could probably ponder that one forever! How much weight do we carry? How many burdens do we bear? All because we are trying to be in control of everything around us. We need to know and be constantly reminded that God is in control so we don't have to be. Can I hear an AMEN! Boy, I so needed to hear that, and it has really caused me to let go of a lot of things. He daily bears my burdens. I don't have to make sure everything is perfect for everyone else's sake. For Maggie Mae's sake especially. As I am walking in submission to HIS control in my life, she will benefit greatly from that alone.
So the big strongholds of abandonment, rejection, and control seem to love each other's company. Abandonment causes us to experience loss, which causes us to reject anything that we cannot control. And right now His still small voice is saying, "I have overcome all of these things and you are victorious in me!" Praise be to God!
As He continues to mold and shape us, and we continue to poor love and acceptance into Maggie Mae's life, we so appreciate your prayers. I want to say the biggest prayer request now is for her to begin to bond with her daddy because we are back to the way it was in the beginning. I want God to bring revelation and set her free. I want to praise Him for her attachment to me and pray that she will begin to give me her heart and receive the love we all have for her. I want to continue to pray for healing for her eyes. I pray that He would restore what the locusts have eaten away. Thank you all once again for your continued enthusiasm and prayers. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by such incredible people.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank you to the Burkes for having our birthday celebration filled with great food and priceless memories. We love yall!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Birthday Blessing for my Daughter

From the Book of Isaiah
"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you." Isaiah 60:1-2.
May His glory always appear over you my sweet Maggie Mae.
" 'Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,' says the Lord, who has compassion on you." Isaiah 54:10
May you experience Freedom and LIFE within His covenant of peace my precious daughter.
"Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God." Isaiah 50:10b
The name of the Lord is a strong tower and a lighthouse for you Maggie Mae.
"I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go." Isaiah 48:17
Follow Him my little princess.
"I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand. I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the Gentiles, to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness." Isaiah 42:6-7
I pray you SEE life with His eyes, He is your healer Maggie Mae.
"My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest." Isaiah 32:18
You are loved, accepted, and safe, WELCOME HOME Maggie Mae.
"I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple." Isaiah 6:1b
May you see the face of Jesus and praise Him day and night saying Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty. He is your constant, everlasting Father Maggie Mae.
Happy Birthday Maggie Mae. I love you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reflections of Reality

Time flies when you are running an infirmary in your home:):) Ever since we've been home, someone has be sick with the flu. We have shared it with the Hufham household also, and we are so sorry!!!!!! Other than the flu epidemic, life is resuming. I won't say to normal because normal is just the setting on the dryer:) Parker did very well getting his makeup work done and has caught up and done very well. He thinks he needs to leave the country more often, hahaha! Baseball has begun and we won our first tournament. So proud of the integrity of our coaches, players and families. This is going to be a fun year of travel ball. Sarah-Gracen and Camden are trying to get back into a routine of homeschool, but we are finding it a little hard to do school with a two year old running around. They are greatly enjoying the distraction:):) Tony is still looking for a job; however, he is the latest victim of the flu and is miserable. Dexter is still trying to catch up with work and coach baseball and help me. He and Maggie Mae had a great morning Sunday. I went to church and he stayed home with her because Camden was sick. They had a good time, and he discovered she loves to swing and she loves the dogs. God is answering our prayer and that bond is beginning to happen.
I know you all want to know how Maggie Mae is doing, so I'll give you a quick update. She is happy most of the time. She can get around the house with no problem. She is especially good at finding the bear mount and digging all the moss out of the bottom. Bedtime happens to be her favorite. She loves her crib, and she loves to sleep. I have to wake her up every morning around 9am, she naps from 1-4, and then goes to bed at about 8:30. She is waking up in the middle of the night, but only to play, and not needing us. She loves to eat, especially Cheerios.
Yesterday we had our first doctor's appointment with the Pediatric Ophthalmolgist in Birmingham. He confirmed the original diagnosis of Primary Optic Nerve Atrophy. She has about 20/200 vision, which is considered legally blind. He did say her vision at this point was functional, and we will only know if it will deteriorate over time. He believes she was born this way. His exact words were, "God just made her this way for whatever reason." We were very impressed with him and his plan. Right now we are scheduled for an MRI of the brain at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. He wants to see the rest of the optic nerve and rule out any cysts or tumors. He also wants to have a good look at the brain, since we don't have any history of her. On March 8th, we see the International Adoption Pediatrician in Birmingham for a head to toe assessment.
So how are we doing with all this? I'm not sure I can find a word that describes our emotions; however, I will say that we knew all this was a possibility, and now it's a reality. I have praying for God to show me how to pray. I'm not sure what to do at this point in seeking Him, so I am relying on the Holy Spirit to show me what to pray. Earlier today I was processing some of this, and this is what He showed me. We look at this as she has lost something. We grieve for her loss. BUT God reminded me that she was born this way. She has never known anything but this. Most importantly, she hasn't lost anything. She has gained a family who will introduce her to Jesus who has a Hope and a Future for her life. We get to see life through a completely different perspective now. We were talking with the kids last night, and I thought about what our first hiking trip to Oak Mountain with her would be like. I told them that we will have to watch out close for her because of the roots and rocks etc. BUT, this will cause us to see things we might have missed along the way, feel things we might not have ever touched, hear the beauty of His creation, and smell the goodness of the Lord. I was so encouraged by this. Will it be easy? No, but once again, I am reminded that He never promised us that following Him would be easy, but He did promise to never leave us or forsake us. So we are praising Him that she can see some, and that other than her eyesight, she is a healthy little girl who is filled with LIFE. Her laughter is contagious, and we are falling desperately in love with her.

Monday, February 15, 2010

First Few Days Home ... Click Here for Video

There's no place like home!!!!! Oh it feels so good to be home. We have had an eventful few days, hecnce, you haven't heard from me in a while. We left China at 4pm Wednesday afternoon (Alabama time) and got home Friday morning at 3am. We almost missed our flight to Atlanta due to a long line in customs, but thanks to Maggie Mae crying in her daddy's arms, we got bumped to the front. We saw another family getting special privileges because their child was crying so hard, so Dexter looked at me and said "Give me the baby!" And yes we thought it was funny that time and it worked. We ran to the gate and got there right before they were closing the doors! We then found out an hour later that the de-icing mechanism was not working on our plane, so we made a detour to Knoxville to change planes again. We didn't care, we were going to make it home. Tony was home feeling anxious because of the impending weather coming in on Friday. So we got in around 3am and got everyone settled in, went to bed about 5am and got up at 10:30am to Sarah-Gracen throwing up. Everyone was so excited about the snow, but she was so pitiful and wasn't able to go out in it at all. She was sick for 2 days. Yesterday, Camden started running fever and has a sore throat. Parker is getting over jet lag and doing 2 weeks worth of make up work. Daddy has gone back to work and mom is trying to dig her way out of 2 1/2 weeks of laundry. So that's where we are now, but again, all is Great because we are home.
Maggie Mae is doing well adjusting to her new home. She is loving her high chair and her car seat! Praising Jesus for an answered prayer! Sleeping was rough at first because of the time change, but it's getting better. We went to church yesterday and she did very well, even went to Jalapenos with some friends and she loved it! As we speak she is on the floor playing with her new toys Maw Maw and Christina brought her. This is huge because she has not wanted to be out of my arms since we got home. You will see in the pictures and video, she loves taking a bath, and she got a real special treat the other night. She and Elsie Hufham got to take one together. She really loves her friend!
So many thanks to so many people who made our homecoming special. My house was clean thanks to Sarah, Gayna, and Georgia. Groceries were stocked thanks to Nan! Lisa had the sweetest Welcome Home sign made for us! Amy added her special touch with signs from our friends at church and flowers in Maggie Mae's room and most importantly, praying over our house!!!! My secret pal made a visit and left cookies, hot cocoa and some beautiful flowers. Thanks to Sharon, Suzanne, Georgia, Glenda, Martha, and Lisa for the meals. I haven't had to cook once since returning! Martha, my mother in law came on Saturday bearing gifts, food, but most importantly her love and support. She and I got all the bags unpacked and got the laundry started. Maggie Mae has a very special Maw Maw! One of the sweetest things was the first thing I saw when arriving home, Tony put a yellow bow on the mailbox. He was so ready for us to be home, and we were so ready to see him too! I know I probably have forgotten someone, but know that so many people have done so much, and we are eternally grateful for every single detail. God spoke to me regarding community last May, and He has given me a new perspective on living in community. I will never be the same again.
Lastly, I will leave you with something God has put on my heart. Amy and I were talking the other night about our whole experience and she said something that illuminated this in my heart. She asked me how I REALLY was! She said she could read between the lines in the blog and knew me well enough to know when it was a good day and when it wasn't so good. When someone really takes the time to get to know you, they can read your words and know your heart. This is the same with the Lord. Anyone can read His word, and He will reveal Himself to them through His word. However, when you really know Him and know His heart, and then read His word, it comes to life! It's just different when we really know Him. How do we get to that point? Well I think it's different for everyone because we are all on our own individual journeys. However, one thing I know for sure is stepping out and taking risks in following Him is vitally important in establishing our relationship with Him. This has been the hardest thing I think I have ever been through, and I have been through a lot in my life. But oh, how intimate my relationship is with my Lord because of it. I am so in love with Him and truly am beginning to understand what "I Surrender All" truly means. Please continue to pray for bonding and attachment for Maggie Mae and Dexter. I am patiently waiting to see God breathe life into that relationship. She has been given an incredible earthly father who loves her deeply. I pray as she begins to trust him, she will give her heart to him completely!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last Day in China! .. Click for video!

Dexter types:

So, its my turn. It is very hard to sum up two weeks of China in a message you could read in one sitting. We have had many challenges with all that goes into being over here, from language barriers, to food choices, to just about everything you could imagine being half-way around the world with your whole family. The hardest by far for me has been trying to get Maggie to want to come to me and feel comfortable with me. Today, it was a breakthrough. We retried the highchair and the stroller and, at first, she screamed again, but only for a few minutes this time. We were making progress. I had her giggling in the stroller after just 2-3 minutes down the streets and sidewalks of Shamian Island with wheelies and curb jumps and all kinds of acrobatic stroller tricks. She loved it.

We walked for the next 2-3 hours, just strolling along the sidewalks and talking to people in the park. It was magnificent. The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Some shopping, we packed up most everything for leaving and met our new friends for dinner at our favorite restaurant on the Island. Now, we headed home and got ready for baths and bed, but tonight would be different than any of the other ten. She let me bathe her while she played in the bath tub and splashed water to her hearts delight, and to mine. All the rest have just been "weeping and gnashing of teeth" (for both of us)! For several nights, though, she has been letting me give her a lotion massage and get her dressed for bedtime, but that was it. Nothing more. Tonight once I had her dressed she let me hold her and snuggle and give her a bottle. All of this was a first. It was fantastic! "She DOES love me," I thought.

That was almost two hours ago and she is still singing and playing in the bed next to me. I almost want her to stay up so that she wont forget in the morning how much she loved me tonight. God has been showing me this whole time how He feels when we, His children, reject Him and want to push Him and His love away when He tries to give it to us. Jeremiah tells us that God "knew us before we were formed in the womb" much like I knew Maggie before we got her last week. I knew how long I had wanted to hold her, protect her, cherish her, and give her all the love she could stand, but she did not know me. I had to show her my patient, kind, tender, forgiving love that I have for her for her to trust me enough to come to me. I am a sinful human, and I can show her this love how much more perfect is God's love for His children in that He is perfect. God has shown us His perfect love, in that, He made a way for us to see His love to trust Him and come to Him and accept His love. I have known that for many years, but today I really understand it.

I cannot believe He has seen me, even into my deepest being, and trusted me with this little girls life. I truly am the luckiest man on earth. I have been given such a wonderful family that I love so deeply. Thank you all for being there for us through this wonderful journey. I have a feeling that this is the ending of another chapter, but only the beginning of a really good "book".

Many Blessings to you all,

DEX and Patricia and the family.

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