Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today really didn't start out the way I wanted it to. I called the adoption agency in hopes of hearing some good news. Our paperwork has been in the governmental office in El Salvador since September awaiting a Certificate of Approval. It appears the office closed for about a month to celebrate the holidays and is just now reopening. There are 17 families waiting for approval and the process is unusually slow according to our agency. Rick, the liason in El Salvador, had a meeting with the Director of OPA yesterday and gave him a list of all 17 families waiting for approval. He requested the Director step in and help find a way to expedite the process. There is no meeting scheduled for January, so we assume they might meet in February. Which families they will discuss at the meeting is unknown. We are just part of a stack of files right now. As you can see, this was very discouraging to me because we haven't heard anything or seen any progress since the end of October or beginning of November. Thus far the wait has not been so bad because the Lord has continued to give us something every few weeks to either work on or pray about. Today, as I finished that conversation with the agency, I was feeling a bit frustrated that nobody knows anything or is doing anything. I went about my morning, took Sissy to piano, homeschooled the kids, and then I got the call. No not from the agency, but from a dear friend who no longer lives in our town, but the Lord has protected our friendship despite the distance between us. We usually keep up via email or facebook, but today she called. We had a great time catching up on our families and the kids etc. In the midst of talking about the adoption she shared with me how her family is joining us on this journey. Her children are so excited about Maggie Mae. You see they have walked through this process before, they have a sister who was adopted. They understand the significance in adopting a child who needs a family, but more than this they have learned an invaluable Kingdom principle. They have discovered what it means to hear God's voice and do what He says. In that they have also learned what it means to be adopted into God's family. As their mom was sharing with me all God has taught them, she shared with me how their family is partnering with us. I don't feel at liberty to share the details of what they are doing, but I am so overwhelmed by the Lord. God loves me so much that He caused her to call today, He is loving our daughter through 2 young boys and their parents, and He brought news of this on a day when I was feeling very helpless. We are blessed to have not only this family, but another family who has adopted to be walking so closely with us through this process. They are holding our arms up when we feel like we can't lift them up anymore. God is truly glorifying Himself through these 2 families. We don't know what she looks like, we don't know how old she is, and we don't know when we can go get her; however, we do know Maggie Mae is loved by many and God has His favor and unfailing love upon her. To my sweet friends, and you know who you are, I love you and am truly overflowing with joy!!!! He loves us, oh how He loves us!