Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Death to LIFE!

So much has happened in the 7 weeks since our last post.  Please forgive us for not posting sooner; however, the hard drive on my computer died and we just got it back.
GOOD NEWS!    Maggie Mae LOVES LOVES LOVES her daddy.  It was the week of Easter, March 29th to be exact, and we had a huge break through.  Dexter came home, and she went to him on her own and played for a while.  From that point on, things just improved daily.  She is now comfortable with both of us and there is a newness of joy in her heart.  You can see it in the smile on her face in her profile picture.
She is talking great and getting around without any difficulties.  We've been to Birmingham several times for doctor's visits and an MRI.  Her confirmed diagnosis is an Underdeveloped Optic Nerve. It is a birth defect.  Her MRI showed a clear brain scan, no tumors, cysts, or evidence of trauma.  We are so thankful for this report.  She did well under anesthesia and recovered without any problems.  She has been to the dentist and does need some dental work; however, we are going to wait a little while for that.
We are working with a vision specialist with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind.  She is an early intervention specialist who will be making home visits to help her get on track developmentally.
She is expected to have 20/200 vision at best, but they do not expect it to get any worse.  Many have asked if there is any treatment.  At this time there is not because this is a nerve issue.  However, we feel the Lord has already shown His power in her life.  Her eyes are not dancing around as much, and she really is quite functional.  We are praising Him for the sight she does have and the plans to prosper her future.
She is very very funny, and she knows it.  She has won the hearts of everyone in our family.  She's quite the charmer with the boys, especially big brother Tony.  She always goes up to him and says "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii".  It's hilarious to hear that southern accent coming out of this tiny Asian child.  She loves to take "baffs" with Sissy, jump on the trampoline with "CoCo" (Camden), and any time "BoBo" (Parker) is around, she wants him to hold her and play with his ipod or cell phone.  Daddy time is always special, I think, because we waited so long for it to happen.  Mommy is able to go get groceries or run errands now while she stays at home and plays.  I can't tell you how much I've been blessed by Tony being home.  Although he is discouraged by not being able to find a job, I really believe this was God's perfect plan for these past few months.  He has been such a huge help to me, serving me in so many ways.  I have come home to clean floors, clean bathrooms, clean dishes,  the fields have been bush hogged, plants watered, and he loves playing with the other kids.  I have to say, having the oldest come home after finishing college has been a great thing for this Mom!
Well, I think I've given you most of the details for the last 7 weeks.  The Lord has been speaking, and his hand has been upon on us.  On Easter Sunday, as Amy and I were watching Maggie Mae run around in church, she said "It's like she has gone from death to Life".  Well what an appropriate week for that to happen.  One of my favorite passages in scripture is Ezekiel 37 and verse 5 says, "This is what the sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life."  This scripture written long ago is very real in our lives today!