Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Summer is off to a busy start.  The girls went with Daddy to Perdido Beach Resort for the weekend then to Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house.  Then we loaded up and headed to the lake with the Portis family for the day and had a great time on the boat tubing.  Maggie Mae loved it.  She wanted her "wife jacket on" and to "go for ride boat".  A few weeks ago my brother Todd, his wife Wendy and my niece Kathleen came for their first visit.  Then we were off to the lake to pick up our "new" used boat.  Everyone had such a great time and are so excited about being able to go to the lake and river to fish and ski.  Finally, we just got home from Florence, AL for Parker's State Baseball Tournament.  They finished 4th!!!  Now we are into football practice, going to the pool, and taking the boat out.  Maggie Mae is adjusting well and loves to be on the go.  She stayed home for the first time with big brother Tony while I went to a baseball tournament in Auburn.  He took her yard saling and she did great.  She did however manage to get her not so clean diaper off in the crib and made a huge mess.  Thank goodness mommy was home to help out with that!  She loves her brothers and sister and yes, she loves her daddy.  A few weeks ago she started saying "can't find my mommy, can't find my mommy!", then she would find me and curl up in my arms and say "find mommy".  It was so sweet.  Well this past weekend while Daddy was on the field coaching, she went up to the fence where he was leaning and said "find my daddy".  That made his Father's Day perfect!  
The Lord has been doing a lot in our home, too much to even put into words.  I will say that the comment the Family Therapist said back in February about her knowing whose in control so she doesn't have to be, has come to life in my heart.  So much of my life has been wasted on trying to do everything right to get a perfect outcome.  The Lord awakened me a few weeks ago and gently said "I'm in control so you don't have to be".  A huge weight was lifted, but I feel like I'm learning to walk all over again. Hard to explain the depth of this one, but once again, God is using life with this precious little girl to teach me so much about Him. 

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Between You and Me said...

you are so beautiful my sweet friend and I love all of the pictures and the update!

Your precious family means sooo much to me!!!